it’s really been awhile since I last write, isn’t it? School started since monday and I skipped school today. My feeling lately is, well, mixed. Sort of anxiety, longing, hope, and nervous thrown in one pot. I don’t know why.

I kind of disappointed when I see my classmates, but that’s to be expected since my major (Language) is the least picked. Apparently people still think Language class is a dump class; around 6-8 people in my class are those who didn’t get accepted in Social or Science class. Originally there’re 22 people in my class but 3 people decided to move to Social class. Oh well, their loss.

I’m trying to make some civili relationship with them. I don’t want to be a stuck up ass (unlike some people); their first impression of me is not the best and thanks to this, I was chosen as chamberlain. Again. Fuck. But still, I like my class. It’s cramped, sure, but it doesn’t matter since we don’t really have much students (19 students!) and so far the comfiest class I’ve ever been. Even comfier than my previous class, X-1, which is the largest class so far. The X-1 class is void of any personality, unlike my current class that’s full of personality thanks to the previous occupants.

And come to think of it, my classmates aren’t that bad either. They’re kind of friendly and nice, those kind of extroverted people who take things easy and have fun is #1 priority. But that can be a mask, but let’s forgot that because I’m going to be stuck with these person until my graduation if I don’t pass the national selection, so finger crossed and hope I get selected!

(Still doesn’t mean they’re bad person; they’re not bad, but I’d rather watch them and see if they’re okay enough to earn my holy trust)

(But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to whack some people on my class hard with a broom. Made by steel. From Germany.)


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