It’s 2013 and I’m 16 years old now.

It’s 2013 and I’m 16 years old now. It feels like it was just 2 days ago when I was graduated from elementary school, but no, it’s already 4 years ago! Time does fly quickly, eh?

While I’m typing this, I’m waiting for my 2nd semester result to come out. I just crossing my fingers and hoping the best, also wishing for school to not fuck up my marks. But still, can’t hope too much because I know that some are just that asshole.

I think in this 16 years I’ve lived so far, I’ve evolved much. Like, seriously much. From that bob-haired 3 years old to the long-haired (and really tanned) 10 years old to the short-haired 16 years old me. Some said that I look different and I’m sort of agree with them. I do look different compared to the 10 years old me, but that’s the part of growing up right? You’re walking to the better (or worse) version of you, and here I think I’m growing to the right path; I’m walking to the better version of me. I’m glad because honestly, I cringe when I saw those childhood photos lol.

Oh well, that was pretty harsh heheh, but who doesn’t cringe when they look at their elementary/junior high photos?

So here’s the timeline of how I look:


3 years old – baby (I messed it up, sorry!) – 9 years old – 11 years old – 13 years old – 14 years old – 14 years old – 15 years old – 16 years old 

What do you think? 🙂 Puberty sometimes work in a weird way. I think I pretty much look like when I was 3 years old. I should’ve be on HP casts so I’ll be blessed by puberty gods!! >:I

Hahaha k jk. That’s impossible anyway


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