Action is loude…

Action is louder than word, but what keeps it around? Words.


all the time

I’m sighing deeply as I writing this, thinking of everything I’ve done in the past 3 months.

Everyone in the class dislikes me strongly, that for sure. Hate is a too strong word and I avoid using it. Some are kind enough to come to me and said, “yeah dude, you’re fucked up here everyone’s thinking that you’re a snobby asshole” and by that I think it’s kind of too late to fix this attitude-or that’s what my head said to me… but is it?

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I still feeling shitty. Like seriously. And the thought that there’s possibility I got physics remedial make it worse. Why there’s school on saturday anyway, I still don’t get it. 

Should I really care about this? There’s still some bitter feeling left from yesterday fight. Everyone acts like nothing’s wrong , like yesterday is nothing. No apology being said nor received. It’s getting worse. 

I dunno who talk to man, the label “though chick” already implemented on my self. I can’t tell this without people judging me, that “though chick” has limit too. I’m glad that there’s internet though. Yeah heads up to those who made internet and social networking. At least I can write this without looking that ridiculous.




I’m on rage.

This month is probably the most depressing moment in my 3 years living here. Problems came and go like winds. Winds that can laugh at your misery, that is. Just when I thought this year is probably the best on my 16 years; nah, it’s not. noep. It’s horrible. I’m broke and the paycheck is not coming (yet), I lost my phone, mum’s wrist watch, and a dear plastic bottle. And also almost break my long time glasess.

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may is freaking hectic (1/3)

Ohai, back with me again. And i no kid you when i say this month is pretty hectic. or should i say, most hectic month in my life?

yah, jadi memang banyak hal yang terjadi di bulan mei ini. selain hujan, becek, dan gue ga pakai ojek tentunya. gue dapat proyek yg cukup gede dari sekolah aka GIPS, dan juga ada pengumuman dari AFS yg datang tiba-tiba kaya petir di siang bolong– dan setannya pengumuman AFS ini bentrokan dengan sehari sebelum gue berangkat GIPS. Nah loh, bingung kan.

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